Sony launched Pink Color Edition for Xperia Z5 Series

Sony has launched Pink Color Edition for All Xperia Z5 line of devices- Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium which will “provide customers with new ways of expressing their style”,  Said Sony.

Sony has used the, light dusty pink color in Xperia Z5 series instead of using the more brazen and vivid shades, which other companies uses on their pink colored smartphones. The light dusty pink on Z5 devices really looks good and attractive.

Rikke Gertsen Constein, the lead designer of the Project elaborates this pink color:

“Choosing a colour is a detailed process. The material of the phone and the design of the curves and edges play an important role and has a great impact on which colour is best suited. We knew we wanted to add pink to the Z5 series from our very first moodboards and sketches as it seemed to compliment the colour palette to the rest of the range.But to get the tone right with the frosted glass and aluminium frame did take some time.
We researched many places in which the most beautiful shades of pink can be found, from nature and Japan’s own Sakura cherry blossom right through to the colours in the sky during a beautiful sunset. We wanted the colour to appear strong and modern, and here the material is playing an important role. I feel what we have achieved with the light dusky pink is fresh, contemporary and modern in the Z5 materials.”

The Pink Edition devices will be available to buy from February 2016.

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