Polarid Snap – A Digital camera that prints photos

Polarid a well known company for its instant-film camera has launched Polarid Snap,  a digital camera that can print photos on the go.

It’s been decades since the release of photo spitting device,  but guys at Polarid still thinks it can attract new,  younger customers to the brand with this refreshed take of the old concept. And to be honest marketing guys at Polarid have got their thinking right.

The Polarid Snap is a cute looking digital camera that print out photos instantly. It has a 3.5-inch touchscreen display on the back that lets users line up shots or even select photos to print at any time.

The Polarid Snap has a 10 mega-pixel camera that records full HD 1080p videos and also has a micro SD card support.
It has got Bluetooth connectivity that allows other devices to connect via Bluetooth and print photos from Polarid Snap.

It is priced at $99. We don’t know when it will be launched in India,  but if it does launch in India and priced at its global price then sure it will have a lot of takers.

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